Your Donation DOES Make a Difference!

My wife recently came across a great magazine article. After 9 years of being around our charity, it is easy to see that it is run on all types and amounts of generous donations. Often, it is a simple $10 donation that touches your heart and shows you what true generosity and compassion is ALL about.
Here is a summary of the article entitled ‘Small Change, BIG Results!’

What use is that forgotten $5 you found in the pocket of your old coat, or maybe the $10 you won on last week’s lottery scratch-off ticket? Don’t instantly assume these little amounts are meaningless to foundations dedicated to helping people and the community. Quite the contrary, in fact: It’s a steady stream of comparatively small donations that enable many institutions to do their good works. And, no, you won’t get a new building named after you for a $20 gift, but you’ll make a profound difference in the lives of others.

“Most institutions definitely know how to put small contributions to very good use,” says Steve McSwain, author of The Giving Myths. “Everyone can make a positive difference. Small gifts are so important.”

But there may be still more good that happens when that spare $5 or $20 is donated to a good cause. That’s because, as McSwain explains, the giver benefits too. “We all feel better when we give-when we find it in ourselves to help another-and the truth is that very often small gifts are given because the donor really wants to help another person.

“The more we share,” McSwain says, “the happier we will be.”

We have given away over $87,000.00 to date thanks to donations of all sizes. Don’t ever feel your gift does NOT make a difference. It is the beauty of 18 FORE Life, seeing everyone team up to help others in need. Hope your day is a good one and remember, NO ONE ever became poor from giving!

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  1. Excellent! This relates to the idea of donating the remaining balance on a gift card to charity. Call the card's customer service number, get the balance, then click the Network for Good "Donate Now" button on the site to donate that exact amount. Every little bit helps! Or the Network for Good service even allows you to set up recurring donations. Can't afford to donate $120 right now? Why not give $10 a month for the next year? You WILL make a difference!

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