Quick Post Event Update

First off, we want to thank everyone who came out to the banquet and golf event this year.  What a time!  What a success!  We’ll have an in-depth recap of the weekend posted on the site very soon! 

We’ve already started uploading photos from this year’s event.  We thank David Robinson for truly capturing the atmosphere of the weekend in his shots.  Be sure to click on one of the thumbnails in the Photostream to the right to view pre-event and banquet photos.  Golf photos will be posted soon, as well as each team photo.  We also posted the NASCAR/National Guard video from the banquet.  Click on the Video link above to view that clip.

Finally, it’s come to our attention that the Associated Press has picked up the Gary Rhine story written a few weeks ago by Noreen Hyslop for the Daily Statesman and it has been re-published in several online newspapers throughout Missouri!  Folks the word is spreading about 18 FORE Life.  We feel, with the help of each and everyone of you, the coming year leading into our 10th anniversary celebration is going to be bigger than ever.  Thank you!

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  1. Scotty,

    Just checking out the photos from the banquet and it looks like it was a blast. Nice haircut by the way…I have one just like it!!! Certainly missed being there this year, but did manage to tee one up off of Sadam's palace to celebrate. Keep doing great things brother.

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