WE DID IT – 3 MILLION Dollars in Love Offerings!

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, it’s Scott with 18 FORE Life. It’s been a while and about 10 days ago, we sent out our three millionth dollar in Love Offerings, and that is since 2000. I’ve been meaning to make this video and let you all know and kind of announce that and it was our goal. We knew this summer at one point we would send that out and it happened. And we’re very excited about that. We’re very grateful for the event this past June and the support that we had and just the support that everyone gives our charity.

And so we’re excited. And then at the same time, we know there’s not a cure and we just continue to get names and addresses in. And we’ll work towards four million dollars until they tell us there is a cure, we just know we’ve got more work to do until that time comes.

I wanted to thank everybody and also just let everyone know that thanks to that big event in June and then thanks to the donations, honestly, that we get year-round and we did it and were going to send out some Love Offerings this week, that’ll push us right on past the three million dollar mark. And again, start working on four. Thank you.

I wanted to show you, I don’t know if I’ve shown you all this before, but I had to move into this big tub and it is overflowing with cards and letters. We even got one recently. We even got one, just there’s honestly, there’s three million dollars worth of thank you notes in there is what that is. But we got one just recently this summer, it was a Christmas card that a fellow wrote on there and he said, you know, Christmas came early and he sent us a thank you card that was actually a Christmas card. I thought that was pretty cool. These folks’ attitude and spirits and toughness and strength and faith and hope and all of that is just incredible. And when they write these thank you letters or notes, it’s just it just inspires us to do more. And so thanks again. And until next time, we will see you later.

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