Giveaway Ends Today – Chad and Andy Update

We wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be ending the chance to the win the 4 free golf cart raffle tickets today at 5:00 CT.   At that time we’ll randomly pick one of the comments and post the winner’s name on the site.  We want to thank everyone that has posted a comment so far.  It’s been a thrill for us to read all those kind words.  This ONLY motivates us to work harder for all those in need.  Thank you!

If you haven’t already done so, please check out Chad and Andy’s adventures from J town to D town.  They’ve posted some great photos and commentary over the weekend –

We hope everyone has a great week.  We can’t wait to see you this weekend.

One Comment on “Giveaway Ends Today – Chad and Andy Update”

  1. Go Andy! Go Chad! I mean Lewis & Clark!!!!!

    What a time we are about to have.

    The comments are absolutely amazing. You guys are

    so awesome and a great part of this team.

    See you soon!

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