Chad & Andy’s Blog – j town to d town

We may have understated Chad and Andy’s trek from Jeff City to Dexter in our previous post.  They are actually canoeing from Jtown to Cape and then biking from Cape to Dtown!

The link below is a blog that Andy Niedert and Chad Gaylord will be posting on as they CANOE from Jeff City (Jtown) to Cape and then Bike from Cape to Dexter (Dtown)!  Yes, they are nuts…..but will be fun to keep up with their trek.  Farm Bureau is giving them a big send off today, they are donating money to wear Jeans to work (someone must have some pull up there) and also having an ice cream social as a fundraiser for us!  Andy and Chad will dock in Cape next Thursday and then bike to Dexter Friday, ending at HTCC during the afternoon!

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