Becky Dennington Inspires with the Fight and with the Pen

The following was written by Cory Blocker, a great supporter of 18 FORE Life and a friend of Becky Dennington.

In July 2010, Becky Dennington was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Becky started an online blog where she was able to have “therapy” from this life changing illness.  She named her blog….Deep Thoughts by Beck.  Her blog began as a way for Becky to process her thoughts and feelings of dealing with the stress of a cancer diagnosis. She soon found it was a wonderful way to keep family and friends updated on the progress of her treatments and in time, was blessed to see that it began to encourage women she knew to be more proactive in early detection. As word began to circulate about her wonderful ability to capture this journey, she gained followers and was beginning to inspire complete strangers who were beginning their diagnosis of cancer.  LazyDay Publishing in Reno Nevada came across Becky’s blog and wanted to turn her masterpiece into a book.

Becky lives in Bernie, MO where she married her best friend, Kelley.  They have two children together.  Becky is a nail technician and owns Tips to Toes in Bernie.  Becky is an 18 FORE Life love offering recipient.  Her book “Me and the Ugly C” will be launched Oct 1, 2011 just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  LazyDay Publishing has graciously offered to donate 100% of their profit to 18 FORE Life Charity.  We ask the 18 Fore Life family to support LazyDay Publishing authors as this act of kindness is just simply amazing!.  LazyDay Publishing launches eBooks through various websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance/Omnilit

Please visit Becky’s blog at and on Twitter – @BeckyDennington

Also, please visit and give your support to LazyDay Publishing at and follow them on Twitter – @LazyDayPub


2 Comments on “Becky Dennington Inspires with the Fight and with the Pen”

  1. Becky, Cory!!!! Just awesome news. We can't thank you enough for your inspiration and for thinking to include us in this exciting venture. God Bless you Becky, I cannot wait to meet you.

  2. What awesome news!! Great article Cory & Becky you are so inspiring!! Thanks for being my Twitter peep! Hope to meet you soon!

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