Drive FORE $1 Million

After giving away over $150,000.00 in love offerings this year, it is obvious we are charging towards a date when we will give away our ONE MILLIONTH dollar. We are currently right at $900,000.00 which has been sent to families fighting cancer since our charity began in 2000. Needless to say, our efforts have made an impact and we all know we still have more work to do.

The Granite Desk Plaque Project

Kerry Gilbow, Jim Rainey, and Mark Booker have taken on a granite desk plaque project. The idea came about when Gilbow came to us and wanted to sell PINK bricks with the 18 FORE Life logo on them, and literally put them in people’s homes in place of a normal brick! This idea proved to be a bit much to undertake, but led to the idea of selling granite desk plaques for $1000.00. The person buying the item will have the opportunity to give us a name of a person fighting cancer and know that this donation will end up in their hands as they battle this disease. The boys have already sold 20+!!! The idea has jump started a drive to raise more money and give away our 1 Millionth dollar by our June 2013 golf event! We know we can do it.

Drive FORE $1 MillionDrive FORE $1 Million

So, we are officially making it our mission to ask for donations of all amounts as we speed towards this goal. Our website will be keeping track with where we are in this endeavor and we’ll be updating our Facebook timeline with our organization’s many milestones to commemorate our biggest milestone so far. We hope you share some stories with us! This year’s video will also feature a great display showing this intense drive!

Donations can be of ANY amount. Please use the Donate Now buttons for secure online donations or mail your check to the address below. We get so many $10, $20, and $25 donations and they matter…they add up…they make a difference. ALL donations can be made in honor or in memory of friends and loved ones and we acknowledge all of this with the families. This time of the year is a great time to choose ways to give gifts in support of charities. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. We thank you for choosing 18 FORE Life and appreciate the teamwork it has taken to help so many families over the years.

Please share this message with friends and family who might enjoy seeing what we do and how we do it. Check out our website, check out our Facebook page – click LIKE!, and follow us on Twitter. Together we will continue to make a difference.

With love
The Ben Kruse 18 FORE Life Foundation
705 Laurie Circle
Dexter, MO 63841



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  1. How do I nominate someone to be on the list for help?My sister-in-law has stage 4 cancer of the liver,lungs and brain.She and her husband are on social security and dont have a lot of money to spare.She drives to cape 3 days per month for chemo through July,plus oher doctors appointment.s.

    Thanks, Jean Cravens.

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