Brian Becker’s Toast To Ben – 2009

We’re starting something new that we hope to be able to do every year.  We’ve posted the audio from this year’s banquet of Brian Becker giving the toast to Ben.

Click on the link below to open the player.
Brian Becker’s Toast To Ben

3 Comments on “Brian Becker’s Toast To Ben – 2009”

  1. Brian,

    Great job on the toast!

    But just one question….'was the Delbert story as bad as getting a bloody nose by a four year old?' LOL!

    Love ya man!

    Lil' Jacques

  2. That brought back alot of memories of some of the best times in my life . We had a great time and team everybody was like family. Ben was a great guy and you made a great toast he would be proud . Brian and scott were the best coaches you could have, thanks for all the memories

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