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2008 Ben Kruse 18 FORE Life Charity Golf Event

2008 was an incredibly special banquet and event.  With 86 teams once again filling the golf tournament and 450 people buying tickets to the banquet on Friday, everything was in place for a great weekend.  Vaughn Wright kicked off the banquet with a beautiful Invocation.  Scott Kruse went over some highlights of the charity and dinner was served.  No one to this day can figure out how the Elk’s Lodge can serve so many people, so fast with such incredible food!  John Brehmer was introduced by his granddaughter, Meghan.   Before speaking, John was surprised with a gift from his friends.  John’s friends, along with 18 FORE Life, raised money and purchased a golf cart specially made for amputees.  The cart was wheeled in from the back, the room erupted in applause, and John broke down with emotion.

His talk was incredible.  His testimony inspired everyone in the room and his humor had them laughing and crying at the same time.  John Brehmer showed us all the type of man it takes to fight cancer for nearly 20 years.  His family, seated at the head table, laughed, cried, and laughed some more hearing the story they knew all so well.

Coach Charlie Spoonhour, one of the few speakers capable of following up such a powerful speech, was next.  He told story after story and had people laughing from the first word.  As a Hall of Fame coach, it was so refreshing seeing someone who was so down to earth and humble.  Not only did he entertain the room, but he also complimented the charity and everyone there supporting it.  He stayed until we all had to go home, visiting with old friends and former players from his days as an Assistant Coach at Bloomfield.

After Coach Spoonhour finished speaking, Mike Kraemer gave an incredible toast to Ben.  He told many old stories not many had heard before and spoke with heart felt love for his friend, our friend, Ben Kruse.  What a banquet, what a night to remember.

The BUZZ played some fun music for everyone to hang out and dance too.  The golf cart was given away to Gary Dierdorf, who was proud to use it the following day in the tournament.

The tournament went off without any troubles.  The weather was great and the course was packed!  Matt Christian, Kyle Christian, Chad Gill, and Tyler Morris tied the team of Bill Holden, Chance Holden, Tyler Holden, and Tim Holden with scores of -15 to win the “Not So Famous” Tan Jackets!  It was a great day to see old familiar faces and hang out on the course with great friends.  We are already looking forward to next year.

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