We love seeing the 18 FORE Life name out there and if #ShowMeYour18FORELife is any indication, we think that you do too. We wanted to create an online resource so that people outside of Southeast Missouri can easily purchase and show his/her 18 FORE Life pride. Of course, we sure hope to see people wearing these t-shirts locally too.

Our goal with the 18 FORE Life Shop is to create new, high quality (did you know Scott Kruse LOVES a good t-shirt?), limited edition items that we haven’t produced in the past. However, you may see some classics pop here from time-to-time. We hope to add new items on a seasonal basis (hence, our “Late Summer 2014” t-shirt below) and possibly add other merchandise as we go. All proceeds will be put back into our community.

Drop us a line if you have feedback or suggestions. Thank you!

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